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MasterClass Video Course

In this online video course, follow my journey to publication and discover how I went from blank page to a co UK/US book deal with one of the biggest publishers in the world in less than a year. Although it will include some practical writing tips, this isn’t your typical nuts ‘n’ bolts ‘how to’ course but instead something a lot softer, gentler and more holistic. If you’re into right-brain creativity, self-reflection, a little bit of wooh wooh and you believe success isn’t just about the book, it’s also about the author too, then this is the perfect course for you.

Suitable for any author, modules include:

  • Setting up your mind for success
  • Facing the blank page
  • Creating a writing habit
  • The art of non-judgement
  • Trusting your voice
  • Calling in your soul book
  • Practical writing tips
  • Enjoying the process
  • Finding the perfect agent

This course is coming soon.

Praise for Hannah

Jane Sherman

“Hannah’s enthusiasm and encouragement have been second to none. She is an inspirational beacon, not just for the process of writing a book – whether fiction or non-fiction – but for the whole publishing or self-publishing journey too. I would hand on heart recommend that you work with Hannah if your writing has stalled, or if you need encouragement and confidence to get started. Hannah is a very knowledgeable, skilled and insightful book coach and a brilliant, inspirational writer. Take her advice, she knows what she’s talking about.”

Books with candles to read and write

Ruth Bennett

“Hannah is an amazing mentor and connects totally to whoever she works with. I feel encouraged and supported by her wisdom and experience and I embrace her feedback of my work as it has helped me grow so much and gain confidence to believe in my writing. Hannah works with you as much as with your writing as they are one and I don’t know how she does this but it is magic. As a writer Hannah is so talented and to see her success with The Last Bear enthuses so much inspiration that she flows into us all that we can have this success too! I have never actually met Hannah but it doesn’t matter because she is now and always be my amazing friend, my inspiration and my teacher and I am incredibly grateful to having been introduced.”

Jo Roberts Contributing author to the Believe Anthology.

“Hannah’s guidance, skill and sheer passion for writing is amazing. She has achieved so much and has such an amazing way of putting things across. Before meeting her I’d only managed to write a few scenes for my debut novel. Now I have a full first draft manuscript and tonnes of motivation to see it through to published completion. She has been a massive part of my journey and her recent publishing success with The Last Bear is really inspiring me to take my own writing to the next level”