Hannah Gold Author

Middle Grade Mentoring

Please note, although my ROAR workshops and MasterClass Video Course are for all authors, my consultancy work is much more specific to genre, so for this reason these packages are for middle-grade fiction only as this reflects my expertise and experience.

Finding a literary agent can be one of the most frustrating parts of the author journey. Although it can be pain free and happen on your first book (let’s never discount anything), for the majority of authors finding an agent is littered with rejections, near misses and a few tears.

It can almost become a mythical tale itself – the haloed writer who received 100+ rejections, wrote five books before hitting gold on the sixth one. Hearing stories like these are inspiring but can also feel a bit discouraging.

Ignite Your Agent Dreams

  • Do you really have to go through all that pain to get lucky?
  • Is it even worth it?
  • Will it ever happen to you?

I know what it’s like to lose confidence after receiving rejections, to pick yourself back up and keep going. I also know what it’s like to retrain your mind to think much more positively about the submission process, to aim higher than you think possible for yourself and most importantly, I also know what it’s like to end up with your dream agent.

That’s why for certain times of the year I offer limited 1:1 consultancy work to help middle-grade authors fulfill their dream of finding an agent.

Query Letter & Synopsis Review:

I’ll review your query letter and give it a punch so your best foot is forward. Then I’ll take your synopsis, edit where necessary and make it shine and look all sparkly. This also comes with email support so we make sure we get the best of you on the page.

Your investment: £99

Submission Package Consultancy:

I’ll review the first three chapters of your manuscript, your synopsis and query letter and with a combination of edits and helpful annotations, I will make it as agent friendly and as alluring as possible for you. This package also comes with email support, advice on agents and a lot of love from me.

Your investment: £300


Praise for Hannah

Keidi Keating – Author of The Light and Founder of The Light Network

“Hannah helped me immensely through writing and editing my first ever attempt at a MG fiction book. She really shines at this genre and her critique comments and coaching advice helped me to take the book to a whole new level. Next step: dream agent and dream publisher!”

Jenevieve Turner, author of Unexpected Friends

“Hannah is not only knowledgeable but also a very wise and compassionate mentor. I’d written stories and poems since I was really small but never had the courage or belief in myself to write professionally. Thanks to Hannah’s advice, compassion and encouragement, I am now a published author! She is a brilliant mentor and one cool lady. Thank you so much for everything, Hannah!!”

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