Live Roar workshop

Live ROAR Workshop

My ROAR workshops are delivered in a powerful live format to help aspiring authors of all genres overcome confidence issues, self-doubt and writing setbacks to reconnect with your inner voice, vision and passion.

So often when we write we get caught up in all the limitations of our human mindset – the doubt, the self-criticism, the fear of judgement. Which means our writing can end up feeling contained, self-conscious and lacking in power.

My ROAR workshop is designed to take you out of the human brain and into your wild self – where you can connect with your inner strength, your raw animal power, your fullness, your primitive non-thinking brain and into the realm of creative magic and possibility.

Are you ready to ROAR?

Perfect for any genre, they are suitable if you:

  • Are suffering from a horrible bout of self-confidence issues
  • Have been knocked back or ignored by agents
  • Feel it will never happen to you
  • Have lost connection with your creativity and don’t feel in the mood to write
  • Doubt anyone will want to read your story anyway
  • Don’t feel like you are worthy of being a writer
  • Feel disconnected from your book and your author dreams
  • Dream of becoming a BIG author but don’t have confidence in your voice
  • Feel cloggy and lost with it all.
These workshops are inspired by my own writing journey and from the journey my character, April, undergoes in THE LAST BEAR, where she discovers her roar.

I intend for them to take place online and offline with more details coming soon.

Praise for Hannah

Christine Lalouani, author and mum

“You have taught me how to banish my fears and tap into my soul to find my authentic voice. Your knowledge and feedback, along with the wonderful support of the group, gave me both the courage and the tools to just go for it.”

Susan Smalley, coach and author

“I have not met Hannah in person, but her warmth of personality and immense knowledge of the writing process – along with mentoring skills, is personable. Hannah offers you space and you soon discover that this lady not only knows her subject, but is a natural teacher. She nurtures you, coaching through each day, without any pressure or judgement, and in a superbly soulful way, cradles you in your vulnerable unfoldment. Her tone is soothing and supportive and totally encouraging. She is wonderful and I know this next phase of my writing journey will open up new veins of creativity to flow.”

aspiring authors books

Lisa-Sumala Carter

“Hannah has a wonderful way of communicating what needs to be said. As an author she gets straight to the heart with her writing and I’m always hooked reading her work. As a coach it’s been a joy to be her client because finding Hannah was a pivotal point in my own journey as a writer. Her guidance, knowledge and perspective have helped me grow exponentially and really own my place as the published Author that I am.”